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It takes a vision to lead… courage to innovate… passion to sustain… And responsibility to guide towards SUCCESS!


If you want to be a leader you must have ideas.
If not, you're simply a follower.


MR. ANIL ARORA, Managing Director

Rapidex Advertising sphere headed by Mr. Anil Arora, Managing Director, an industry veteran with rich industry experience and exemplary foresight, has instilled a never give up attitude in the entire team. Our team is our greatest asset, comprising of young and motivated individuals who constantly endeavor to bring forth the most innovative communication solutions in sync with the latest industry trends rooted to the traditional ethos of advertising, delivering the best at rapid delivery time.

The focused guidance of the management along with the collective efforts of the team has helped each member of Rapidex Advertising to create a difference and turn the mundane into extraordinary, usual into unique, ideas into life changing realities and thereby achieve numerous accolades in the industry.

Our Mission

Reaching beyond the horizons in the field of advertising by sprucing up the communication channels with stunning creativity and well balanced strategic planning.

Our Mission

Integrated marketing communication solution provider ensuring maximum returns on marketing investments.

Our vision is to offer fully integrated marketing and advertising communication solutions through strategic planning, creative ideas, distinct designs along with adopting cutting-edge technology and know-how.

  • PASSION Driven by it. Attracted to it. Living it
    We are passionate about all kinds of brands and about uncovering what really rocks our clients’ customers.

  • ENERGY Work hard play hard
    Fueled by enthusiasm, we are not simply living by the adage, we are giving it a big jolt of fresh, thriving energy.


    Our reputation for fairness and honesty with those we work is lifeblood of our success.


    Constantly developing new and innovative ideas that enhance consumer-brand relationship, build brand equity and drive sales.


    Understanding the client's business objective is the first step


    Communicating in a lingo that is understood, interpreted and
    evoke a favorable response from the target consumers.


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